Vegan Muhlama, mıhlama, mihlama, corn porridge with cheese, kuymak, guymak

Vegan Muhlama


Step 1 :

Place the vegan butter into a pan and heat up until its completely melts, lower the heat and add corn flour into the melted butter.

Step 2 :

Stir the mixture with a wooden spoon, important thing is to stir slowly until the flour roasted.

Step 3 :

Add water into the mixture, and stir it with low heat. Add Cheezmir Mozzarella Flavoured vegan grated into pan, stir it until the vegan cheese melts. Add Salt and other spices.

Step 4 :

Melt vegan butter in another pan and heat up until its golden and pour this butter on the muhlama and serve it while its hot.


200g Cheezmir Mozzarella Flavoured Vegan Grated.

2 tablespoon corn flour.

2 tablespoon vegan butter ( Cheezmir plant-based butter alternative coming soon).


1 glass of water.