Grilled Caprice Toast, cheezmir, vegan ,vegan cheese, easy recipe

Grilled Caprice Toast


Step 1
Place the slices of bread onto the baking sheet, and brush each with a little of the olive oil; toast for a couple of minutes just until they are golden brown.
Step 2
Place two slices of Cheezmir Vegan Mozzarella cheese on each slice of bread and fry the Cheezmir Mozzarella Flavored sliced vegan cheese for a few minutes until melted. Put 2-3 field tomato slices, a few pinches of salt, pepper and a pinch of fresh basil leaves on it and enjoy your getaway.


4 slices sourdough bread, or your choice of sturdy, rustic bread

2 tablespoons olive oil

8 Sliced of Cheezmir Mozzarella Flavoured sliced vegan cheese

8 slices of tomato (from about 2 large tomatoes)


Black pepper

1 package fresh basil (leaves can be left whole, torn, or sliced thinly)