Veganism is not just about diet. Are your clothes, shoes, belts and even jewelry in your wardrobe suitable for your vegan lifestyle?

Unfortunately, animal products can also be encountered frequently in clothing products. So how do we choose non-animal based textile products?

When choosing clothing products, we can look at the labels on them as the first distinguishing element. Tags help us with content. While looking at this content, we should not buy clothes, jewelry and shoes that contain the products listed below:

•Feathers (feathers, etc.),

•Animal threads (angora, cashmere, mohair, silk, wool, alpaca, felt, etc.),

•Animal skin (fur, leather, nubuck, suede, etc.),

•Shoes and bags made with animal materials and glued with animal adhesives,

•Other animal parts (such as buttons made from pearls, mussels and oyster shells, bones and horns)


Herbal and synthetic materials are available to create a wardrobe suitable for our vegan lifestyle. These are;










•Elastane (spandex)



•Rayon (artificial silk)


•Suede (artificial suede)


Now let's come to another issue that we think you all have in mind. We can see labels in our physical purchases, but what do we do with online shopping? It is very easy to solve. You can find many options by searching "Vegan" on the website of the stores. If we cannot reach it, we must be informed about the content of the products by telling the codes of the products that we contact with the centers of the brands. We must embrace veganism in every aspect of our lives.