Bicycle And Vegan Life

The use of bicycles in the world is increasing rapidly. Obesity, which is an important public health problem on a global scale, is increasing day by day both in developed and developing countries. Bicycle is an indispensable element of active life. According to a study done in the late 1960s, Per-Olaf Astrand studied nine professional athletes. Astrand changed the diets of these athletes every three days. At the end of each three-day period, Astland had each athlete pedal until exhausted at high speed.” Nedley stated that athletes who follow a high meat diet (high protein and fat) feel very tired after about an hour. Athletes who ate a mixed diet with a higher percentage of plant foods and less meat, protein and fat cycled for 1.9 hours, which is almost twice as long. This research shows that questions such as can I be without cheese, how my bones develop if I don't drink milk, where do I get the protein, what will be the lack of calcium, have actually been brought into our lives, taught and completely human-centered, making us forget that we get all of these nutrients from animals, as if we were collecting them from trees, and fill us with fear. cause questions. In fact, the most important thing to avoid is information pollution. Those who argue that muscles and bones will melt without meat should not be taken into account. Contrary to what is known, with the right vegan diet, all organs are protected and athlete performance increases. As long as you have an adequate and balanced vegan diet. If the concept of freedom is important to us and we want to be more liberated, our duty is to do research and, in line with the information we have obtained, to break down these fear walls and to give our own freedom as well as the freedom that animals deserve. We invite all of you to be the pioneers of cities with bicycles for a healthy and happy future.